Page Speed Optimization Services

We can help you improve the pagespeed and core vitals of your webpage

Website Speed Audit


€80 / hour
Answer any pagespeed question
  • Fix Core Web Vital issues
  • Technical support
  • Second opinion
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Basic PageSpeed audit

Fix the most important pagespeed issues
  • Fix Core Web Vital issues
  • Proof of concept
  • Technical Report
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Extended site speed audit

Fix advanced crititcal pagespeed issues
  • All basic plan features
  • Speed up recurring visitors
  • Advanced pagespeed optimisation
  • Advanced Technical Report
  • Re-usable code examples
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Frequently asked questions

A small sample of companies we helped improve

What is the difference between the basic site speed audit and the extended site speed audit?

The proof of concept is great for companies that need to know whether site speed improvement will have an impact of whether their own site speed enhancements are implemented correctly. The extended site speed audit takes site speed one step further. I will look at more advanced site speed techniques.

Will you write code or make changes for us?

I will write a technical report where you can read my site speed recommendations. In the proof of concept you will find re-usable code examples. You are free to use these examples. My role is primarily and advisory one. On occasion I will write some code for you or implements site speed enhancements. After reading my report your technical team should be able to implement most changes without my help.